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Online catalogue and pricelist

Wobblestick Manipulators WM

Single Shaft

UHV Suitcase

Ultra High Vacuum (Cryo) Transfer Modules

Wobblestick Manipulators WMG

Dual Shaft

UHV Suitcase Accessories

Options & Upgrades

Pincers and Grippers for Wobblesticks

Includes all end effectors for wobblesticks

UHV Suitcase Docking Stations

FerroLoader™ Instrument Adaptations

Wobblestick Accessories

Parking Rails, Adapters, Service Kits..

Load Lock Systems

Fast Entry Locks

Sample Transporters

Transfer rods, single and dual shaft

NEG-ION pumps

NEXTorr® and CAPACITorr® pumps

Sample Transporter Accessories

Tube supports, pincers, guide rails and sample carriers

Glove Boxes

With FerroLoader™ and Cryo Loading Station

Sample Transporter Motorization

Stepper Motor Drives for up to 3 Axes

Laboratory Equipment

Vacuum exsiccator cabinets and roughing pumps

Linear/Rotary Feedthroughs

Miniature linear-rotary drives

Cryo Equipment

Dewars, Cryostats and Cryo-Accessories

Linear/Rotary Feedthrough Accessories

Tube Supports, Service Kits

Multiaxis Boomerax Manipulators

XYZR Configurations

Linear/Rotary Feedthrough Motorization

Stepper Motor Drives for up to 2 Axes


Boomerax Series

Rotary Feedthroughs

miniature and heavy duty


Boomerax Series

Port Aligners

For angular alignment and linear adjustment

Z-Manipulator Accessories

Boomerax Series

Sample Holders

sample plates, -holders, -carriers

XY-Manipulators Accessories

Boomerax Series

Sample Receivers and -Carriers

sample receivers, -drawers, -parking lots


screws, washers, nuts in Ti, Mo, Ta, CuBe...

Sample Heating Stages

For flag style plates


Dry lubricated bearings ready for use in UHV


CF - Components

Precision Contract Manufacturing

Examples of customer-specific parts and components


Bakeout equipment

In-Vacuum Connectors and Wiring

crimp and push connectors, cables, wires
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