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Motorized Manipulators

Upgrading to motorized versions of our manipulators provides you with automated and precise movement in one, two or three axes.

L/R Feedthrough Motorization

Sample Transporter Motorization


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Mini NexGeneration UHV Suitcase

September 2016

From small to mini!

We have developed an even smaller, lighter and more cost efficient version of our UHV suitcase. The VSN40M is equally reliable yet especially practical wherever space is at a premium.

The Mini NexGeneration UHV Suitcase is the ideal solution for carrying and transferring multiple samples at once under true UHV conditions from one instrument to another. The samples are held in a storage mechanism such as a stack of receptacles or a carousel. Should only a single sample holder need to be stored and transferred, this is also possible using a pincer grip, fork or similar instead of the storage option.

Just like the standard size UHV suitcase, the VSN40M is designed as a modular concept so that it can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.

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Discounted Vacuum Exsiccators on Stock

August 2016

We presently have various EXSICA Vacuum Exsiccators on stock and available with a 10% discount*!
So take advantage of the current savings and quick delivery times.

Our Vacuum Exsiccators are the ideal solution for storing sensitive items under vacuum or in a controlled atmosphere.

Transparency of the polished PMMA as well as the storage box sets ensure a clear view and easy organization of samples. After pumpdown with a membrane pump, the exsiccator holds a base pressure of approximately 25mbar over a period of several months. A pressure meter roughly indicates the vacuum level. The box can be filled with dry Nitrogen or Argon if desired. An overpressure valve is provided for safety reasons.

Standard and portable versions of the vacuum desiccator as well as a complete portable system including a small membrane vacuum pump are readily available.


  • Material: polished, transparent PMMA GS
  • Removable shelves
  • Pump and vent connection: 1 straight valve with quick connector
  • Security valve: opens at 200mbar overpressure
  • Pressure gauge: -1 to +0.6 bar (relative to atmosphere)
  • Door: O-Ring seal, clip catch

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* The offer is valid only for current stock items (August 2016):

1 pce EXSICA3P, portable (SN: 15-1127)
5 pcs EXSICA3S, standard size (SN: 15-1131 / 15-1133 / 15-1134 / 15-1135 / 15-1136)

Relaunch :: Limited number of EV40FC Evaporation Sources

July/August 2016

This time around, our product of the month is an "old acquaintance".
After freezing production of our EV40FC Evaporators in 2014, a limited amount will be ready for production shortly.

Either available fully assembled or as a self build kit, make the most of the opportunity and contact us for more information.

EV40FC Evaporator for Ultra Clean Thin Film Deposition

A rugged, versatile evaporator for a wide range of materials such as Ag, Au, Al, Ni, Co, Fe and many more. The evaporant is either placed into a tungsten crucible or the material can be directly evaporated from a rod.

A removable front lid allows easy access to the crucible which can be pulled out for replacement by releasing one single screw. The filling volume of the crucible is up to 500mm3.

The water cooled housing ensures ultra-clean film growth at base pressures in the lower 10E-10 mbar range. The EV40 is equipped with a manually actuated shutter.

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Customer Specific Precision Parts

July 2016

We provide Swiss precision mechanical parts in accordance with your drawings, 3D models or instructions.

Specialised in the supply of precision parts and components suitable for UHV, we also offer top quality products for a wide range of other applications.

We provide:

  • Highest quality parts and components
  • Surface treatment: glass bead blasting, electro-polishing, drum-polishing, anodisation,pickling, passivating, brushing, grinding
  • Coatings/Platings: dry-lube, Au, Ag, Ni, Sn, Cu, Cr, Zn
  • Experience with a wide variety of materials such as Tantalum, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Ceramics (Macor, Shapal™), Sapphire, Aluminium Oxide
  • Quality control, to ensure your requirements are met
  • UHV-compatible parts and products
  • Cleaning to UHV standards
  • Final assembly if required

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Radiant Heater for Flag Style Sample Plates

June 2016

Brand new in our line-up of heating solutions are three versions of the HSOMRAD sample heating stage.HSOMRAD

Prepare your samples on SHOM flag style plates by inserting them into the shielded receptacle of the HSOMRAD heating stage.
Three filaments rapidly heat the stage up to a maximum operating temperature of 1000°C.

The HSOMRAD includes the heatable receptacle with heat shields and tungsten filaments, integrated into a stage that can easily be attached to one of our MD16 or MD40 Linear/Rotary Feedthroughs.

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Sample Holder for Single Crystals

May 2016

As an example for a flag style sample holder for single crystals, the SHOMCH can be individually adapted to suit other monocrystalline types.SHOMCH

This special flag style sample holder simplifies the process of mounting single crystals (type K005), it's four slits in the retaining plate ensuring safe and level clamping.

If you use another single crystal type and/or need other dimensions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Fast Pump Down Dock with UHV Booster

April 2016

The VSCT40 dock paves the way for rapid transfer from a UHV Suitcase to your UHV system.

Our portable UHV-Suitcases are the most refined and easiest way of transporting samples under true UHV conditions between instruments in different locations.
In order to also greatly speed up transfer of your samples from the UHV-Suitcase into the UHV- System, our VSCT40 transfer chamber establishes sufficient vacuum within a fraction of the time needed when baking out conventionally. Vacuum in the VSCT40 is created using a turbo pump as well as a cryogenic pump.

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